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hi girls and guys

how are all you pretty girlies and guys then?? 

im pretty fine just on lj from library.

mum started asking questions about the history always been deleated.

 oh well she goes on holiday from sunday. so i get a whole week to myself. Im so excited.

im going to live on apples and diet red bull.

oh and i just bought an amazing picture of Mary Kate olsen its A2 so its pretty big. its a pic of her in the purple dress with her ribs sticking out the back. oh so  pretty.

ive just bought wintergirls so hoping its good.
ive read three ana mia books this week.

Purge - sarah darer littleman

Massive - julia bell ( its amazing) 

and finaly
alice in the looking glass - alice kingsley

think think girls and remember to stay strong :) 

hey girlies and guys.

so ive not posted since ive been back at college :( sigh

im training to be a chef (yeah funny i know)  and my whites are an xs and drowning me :) 

anyone from UK want to be text buddies??? 

think thin lovlies x

sigh i just want to wake up thin.

so yesterday was my lowest moment.

my boyfriend made me go to a japanese place for dinner.

I said i just wanted miso soup. He did his usual fucked off at me face.

He said i was having a real meal.
so i ordered noodles with chicken.

we had a huge row coz i said i was mad at him.

i dont think its fair that i cant eat what i want.

so by the time the meal arrived i was nearly crying.

oh then he said he wasnt eating till i did.

i was mad that he was black mailing me.

so i had to eat it.
in silence.

i need to vent.

Its my first week of college and i've gained 4lbs.
Getting more annoyed each day.

Even the man is starting to drive me crazy.

He doesnt know about the ed and i hate all the lying to him. 

I love him but when I spend the day with him hes always offering to buy me treats ( sweets, cakes, pizza) 
and i dont want to eat. So then i have to lie more. (ive already ate, not hungry)

Then if i dont already feel guilty he says il just wait till your having somthing then.

Then i have to go and have something because i feel like he's starving.

I just dont want him to find out.

How do all you lovely ladies deal with this??? 

x x


well i just tried on a pair of jeans i got for my 15th birthday ( im now 19) 

i got them shut.

why dont i feel thin when im 6lbs lighter than i was at 15!?

quite mad !!!

at work today i had my phone out and was texting.

my screen saver is thinpo~ some pretty girl with tiny stomach and arms

well my BOSS!!!!! took my phone and i said to him dont look at my phone.

yeah he does it anyway and then shows EVERYONE on shift the pic and that how horrible the pic was.

im standing there and this guy  is like i knew this girl who never ate and i wanted to phone her parents.

thank god im off for a week.


hey girls and boys

well start college in 3 days so the stress makes me lose weight.

plus working 12 hour shifts dont really have time to eat.

oh i bought a power plate so its meant to burn cals fast and every 10mins is like an hour at the gym.

need to get myself sorted.

dropped 2lbs tho so im 110 : ) its getting better

anyone from uk ??? 



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