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hey pretty girls and boys :)

Been a long time since ive posted here but im always reading.

I have just been offered a job which requires me to move away from home and away from my bf and instead of being upset all I can think is no more being forced to eat. I will miss my bf loads but hes still at uni so cant move.

im still stuck at 107 and still taking too many diet pills/ lax but hopefully moving away will help me reach my target.

im also watching dying to be anorexic on youtube and seems a bit fucked up :S basicly girls who want an ed and are trying to get one.

Anyone looking for a text buddy UK let me know :) 

girls remember your beautiful :) 

p.s sorry if you see this post more than once

hey girls

A few days ago I bought a cd with 650 pics of mary kate and ashely olsen, It was £5.00 from ebay.
I have just recived this and OMG the pics of MK are lovely.

Also wondering if anyone knew where i could buy old magazines online with her on the cover?? seen a few but they were like £40 so any news would be great.

hope you lovilies are staying strong :) 


so mad

went 24 hours without eating and my sister (shes 19) tells my mum i didnt eat on the train today and my mum flipped out!!! 
i came in an had an apple. shes like i've heard you working out,

dont know what to do, dont want to go back to purging just to make her think im eating :(  :( 

ideas ladies ??
help :) 

I have an interview with H&M on Thursday and I really want this job.

What do you think I should wear ?? 

i want to look professional but quirky (look my age ) lol

help thanks

hey girls and boys

Everyone i care about is moving away.
my gran just moved to Canada.
My sister is moving to Ayr and my bf has moved for college.

I'm left alone and all I can think is that nobody around to notice the weight loss.

ooh any girls/ boys from UK wanting to text?? 


im such a fucking loser

i just slept with my ex after he called me fat all night :( 
my life is CRAP!!!!!!!!!!


since i returned from Canada ( 6 days ago ) i have had 4 meals. ( a meal that is a bagel ( 240) with extra light philli (30) 


just 6 weeks to get to 97 lbs current 112

i'm such a fuking loser

i have done so great restricting from wed night till monday morning so I was all happy in my head. (150 cals a day) 
get to college at 11 am (monday) and my "FRIENDS" drag me to subway and get me a fuking subway melt witha cookie!!!!!
god i am so mad.
okay so i ate the cookie and the ham and turkey ( didnt eat the bread or the cheese)  still feel like an utter failure.

 i get home and i feel like shit and my head hurts (because i was thinking about the calories all day)

and my BOYFRIEND !! makes fajitas

i could die right now.
so yeah i'm a loser and now cant stop crying.

Apr. 16th, 2010

today i did okay.
breakfast - half a riveta cracker
lunch - half bowl of soup
dinner - two sugar free red bulls.

done a 12 hour shift at work so walked for at least 12 hours today :) 

back is sore :( but im feeling better

oh and some lovely guy at work told me i had lovely love handles. sense the sarcasm.

screw you R.

so of course its pushing me to strive for the perfection I crave.

hope you are all well

tomorrow another good day for me working from 12 till 10

We can do this :P 


I have just bought my own laptop and its amazing.
No parents walking about (my old computer was downstairs which i shared with my sister) 
my own room. my own broadband.

currently saving thinso pics, quotes, sites.

havnt beeen on here in ages though. full time student and full time job = no spare time.

il update stats

HW- 140 lbs (got diagnoesd with bi-polar and meds made me gain)
CW- 114lbs
LTGW- 89 lbs

i want this so bad :) 

stay stong pretties :)

hi girls

sorry i havnt posted in ages : (
been so busy with college and work. Still hating myself so much though.

leaving for france in 14 days to work for a month.
getting away from my parents will be good. nobody to force me to eat.

im doing okay monday to friday college till 4. then work from 5 till 10.
sat and sunday 12 hour shifts so 10 till 10. no time to eat even if i wanted too which i definetly dont.

saving for a laptop. then will be always on here. cant wait.
thats about it
CW 114 lbs
will be 99lbs for my holiday to canada ( 10 wks away)

stay strong girlies



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